"The Sight of Eye"

Optometry Services

Optometry is an independent "Eye Care Science which covers the examination of human eye, Contact Lens, Systems required for estimation of errors of refraction, the fitting, manufacturing and supply of optical aids.

Ocular Prosthesis

Replacement of the lost eye as soon as possible is necessary to promote physical and psychological healing for the patient and to improve social acceptance. OCULARISTY is the art and science of fabrication & fitting

Orthoptics Services

Orthoptics is a profession allied to medicine whose primary remit is the diagnosis and non-medical management of strabismus (squint), amblyopia (lazy eye) and eye movement disorders.

Corneal Lens

Contact lenses are looked upon as life changing devices in the current life style, not only for those who can see only through contact lenses but also for simple refractive errors to advance keratoconus.

About Drishti India

Drishti India is proud to be the first accredited ocularist practice in the Center India. Drishti India are "Exemplary Providers" accredited by Aravind Eye Hospital & Research centre, Madurai . L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad. & Indian Vision Institute (IVI), a Medicare approved, nationally recognized independent accrediting body. An Ocularist is someone who specializes in the fabrication and fitters of realistic ocular prosthesis for people who have disfigured eye due to injury, infection, congenital diseases or post surgery. We at Drishti India strive to provide you with the best prosthesis available in the Southeast. Drishti India take great care in properly fitting the prosthesis and hand painting it to match its companion. Drishti India can fabricate a prosthesis to fit comfortably over an existing blind eye (a corneal scleral shell) and provide other prostheses such as custom conformers for those too young to be fitted with their first artificial eye.

Vijay Nagle " B.OPTOM, DOT,DOR"

Consulting Optometrist & Ocularist, Orthoptist

Super specialist "making of customised ocular prosthesis, Low vision Aid, Corneal lenses & Orthoptic Treatment" Fellow & Trained at : Aravind Eye Hospital & Research centre, Madurai . L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad. & Indian Vision Institute (IVI).

Our Mission

Drishti India Prosthetics, continues to grow professionally in our field while maintaining an inviting and pleasant environment. We strive to make the highest quality custom ocular prostheses and provide care tailored to our individual patient's needs in all around Center India.

Our Vision

To reduce the backlog of blindness through identification and treatment of blind at primary, secondary and tertiary levels based on assessment of the overall burden of visual impairment in the country.

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